The Wetwheels Foundation was founded by yachtsman and speaker Geoff Holt.  Each wetwheels is a fully-accessible, inclusive-designed powerboat.

'Of all the projects I have been involved with, Wetwheels gives me the greatest pleasure. Over the years I have witnessed thousands of disabled people of all ages enjoy being on the water. It doesn't matter if that is on a sail boat or a motor boat; it is being on the water that makes the difference. With many sailing charities, I realised there were too few opportunities to go powerboating for disabled people. With that realisation, I created the Wetwheels project to remedy that lack of opportunity. Judging from the smiles, I think we've found a winning formula.'  Geoff Holt MBE DL

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The Wetwheels Foundation  Wetwheels Solent    Wetwheels in Jersey

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Healing Kashmir was founded by speaker Justine Hardy who, after more than twenty years based in the region as a writer and therapist, began to understand that societies in conflict can only change if the psychological damage of violence is acknowledged and addressed. 

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You could say that the most lasting damage of war is to the mind.  In the case of the disputed Kashmir Valley, in North India, twenty years of fighting has caused inordinate long-term mental damage to a high percentage of the population. 

Kashmir’s population has constantly been exposed to the threat of violence for the past few decades. Although many have become numb to the perpetual violence, they are not unaffected. The nature of mental illness makes it very complex to treat. Symptoms may resemble a physical ailment or they may simply be hard to detect. Cultural norms and socioeconomic conditions often obstruct access to treatment. Because we know that there is no quick solution to this public health problem, our approach to mental illness is three tiered, involving preventive measures, a telephone hotline and one on one counseling.

Healing Kashmir’s success is driven by their diverse and talented team bringing together close familiarity with Kashmiri culture and extensive knowledge of human psychology, to deliver the best mental health care possible.  Find out how you can help here



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