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Sean Conway is an endurance adventurer with a taste for extreme challenges.  Sean has completed the world's longest Ultra Triathlon and he holds the world record for the fastest unsupported crossing of Europe by bicycle.  He was the first person to swim the length of Britain.  In 2023, Sean broke the world record for the most full distance triathlons: Sean completed an astonishing 105 back-to-back ironman events.

Sean's talks are memorable and entertaining.  Sean delivers powerful messages on resilience, motivation and taking on 'impossible' challenges.

Sean Conway is the first and only person in history to complete the Ultimate British Triathlon cycling, swimming and running the length of Britain.  The 900m swim from Lands End to John O'Groats was a world-first and defied the critics who thought it impossible. In 2015, Sean completed the final leg, running 1,014 miles to officially complete the first ever Ultimate British Triathlon.  The resulting documentary on Discovery Channel won Sean many new fans for his courage and humour: as several newspaper headlines put it, Britain now had its own inspiring Forrest Gump.

Sean has completed the world's longest triathlon.  In 2016, Sean took on an even bigger challenge: a self-supported continuous triathlon around the coast of Britain.  Sean cycled, ran and swam more than 4,000 miles (the equivalent distance of London to New Delhi).  Sean pushed his limits beyond anything he has done before and the considerable public support (especially via social media) made a real difference.  A series on Discovery TV followed Sean's challenge.

In April 2018 in Cabo de Roca on the west coast of Portugal, Sean cycled 4,500 miles across Europe, finishing at the Russian town of Ufa.  Sean achieved this Cross Europe Cycle world record unsupported and carrying all of his kit with him.  

Widely admired for his endurance, courage, humour and inimitable style, Sean is a popular and entertaining motivational speaker.  

‘We’ve had some really positive feedback from the team about Sean’s talk. It was very inspiring to hear about his adventures and I think a lot of us are now considering how we can start to live life to the full a bit more!’


'The audience LOVED it!  I have had nothing but great feedback.  He was honest, amusing and entertaining.  I cannot think how he could have been better.  We really enjoyed him coming along and talking to us.'


Sean encourages delegates to find the courage to tackle difficult challenges no matter what they may be, to develop resilience and to live life more adventurously.  He delivers powerful messages around coping with set-backs, setting outrageous goals and completing them against the odds, keeping a positive attitude and staying motivated when it gets tough and succeeding in times of change and challenge. 

Well-known for his quirky take on endurance sports and adventures, Sean came to the UK in 2002 with just £100 in his wallet and started working in Cambridge cutting 12,000 cabbages a day.  Later, having made his living as a photographer, Sean sold his business for £1 and embraced change and challenge.

Sean wanted to prove that he could achieve a world record and decided to swim the length of Great Britain.  Having cycled from Land's End to John O'Groats in 2008, Sean tackled the second leg of his GB Triathlon and after battling the weather, currents and a remarkably large amount of jellyfish, Sean (and his legendary beard) wrote history on 11 November 2013 after 135 days at sea.  The run followed and this was filmed by Discovery.

In 2016, Sean followed the edge of Britain leaving Lulworth Cove on a bamboo bike and cycling 3,350 miles through the beautiful but tough Welsh and Scottish coastlines.  He swopped his bike for trainers in Scarborough and ran 800 miles to Brighton before starting his final leg in the water and swimming back to Lulworth Cove.  Sean dragged a small raft containing what he needed as he swam through some of the busiest parts of the British coastline.  He completed the world's longest triathlon.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

Sean's talks are memorable and entertaining.  Sean encourages audiences to take on courageous challenges whatever they may be.

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