To meet an interesting client brief, one adventurer filmed himself speaking in a tree house in a full tuxedo!  Virtual events have made all sorts of things possible...

Ever adaptable, our speakers have transformed their homes to create a professional space to speak to client events on zoom or other virtual platforms. 

When a client has preferred, our speakers have gone to a professional studio and delivered a presentation before a filming crew with a green screen behind them so that the client can have the talk footage along with inspirational film and slides in good time before their online event.  (For one client, on the day itself, the speaker went online to do a live Q&A event immediately after her talk was shown.  It worked really well.)

We were happy to oblige when one client wanted the speaker to travel to the venue where she could be filmed in situ as she hosted an online awards event.

We thought you might like to see a few recent testimonials for virtual events:

‘We thoroughly enjoyed having Dee share her insights and leadership lessons with our London Business School alumni community. Engaging, thought provoking and humble, her story resonated so strongly with our community that we are already being asked to bring her back in person next semester!’

(Just so you know, one particular Alumni commented: "I wish we could have seen Dee in person. Please invite her back after lockdown." "Very impressive and great way to learn leadership skills" "fantastic event! Best one yet.")

 London Business School


‘In short, Ed's talk was amazing. Everything about the session suited our team perfectly and everybody has been incredibly positive, inspired and taken plenty of learnings from him. 

‘He was incredibly open to the questions asked as well. Seriously, seriously impressed, so thank you and thank him. It genuinely lifted what's been a pretty tough year for some of our team.'



‘Our client - a major UK bank - wanted a fresh perspective on coping with isolation, resilience, remote leadership and adaptability in the face of disruption. Dee recorded a series of videos from her home that delivered on all fronts - understanding her audience and speaking with an authority and authenticity that really resonated.’

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