On Ed Stafford. “I saw the documentary years ago, it always really stuck with me, then I saw his time on a desert island. He's someone I was always interested in; he's just such an interesting guy to watch and listen to. Honestly, a really big thanks to you for arranging this! I'll just say a huge thanks for today. I really can't see any of the previous companies I've worked with doing something like this.”

"Such a fan of Ed's. Really enjoyed that, I think we/you have nailed this remote malarky - great for the newbies to see also. Every day. Have we moved forward - yes!"

"It's not every day you get to have a Zoom call with a legend like Ed Stafford! Massive thanks for making the festive summit such a memorable day! It was fascinating getting an insight into Ed's mindset and how he tackled a behemoth challenge like walking the entire length of the Amazon."

Scede (Virtual Event)

For Ed Stafford
Thank you for a great talk today, the team really enjoyed it. Your talk was open, honest and refreshing; it was a great inspiration for the team.’

Thermo Fisher Scientific (Virtual Talk)

For Dee Caffari. The manager's conference is still in full swing; however I wanted to reach out to you to thank you for the amazing story you shared with us. I was, like many others, inspired by your leadership lessons and will use many references in my speech later today. So many people commented on how unique your talk and you being available afterwards were. I really thank you for having been part of this event.

Barry Callebaut (virtual talk)

Please do pass on our enormous thanks to Dee following yesterday’s conference. Her presentation was motivational, relevant and spell binding which, along with her natural and comfortable manner, made her a huge success with everyone!

Having quickly looked at the evaluation forms completed yesterday – there are words and phrases like; Wow!, Inspiring, entertaining, advocate for collaboration, highlight of the day, Inspirational and very interesting.

Event Organiser

Dee Caffari was impressive at the Miami Conference last week. Excellent to have non-finance yet globally applicable topic and speaker.

Top Fund Selector (Latin American Region)

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