Dee Caffari was impressive at the Miami Conference last week. Excellent to have non-finance yet globally applicable topic and speaker.

Top Fund Selector (Latin American Region)

We have asked Sean Conway to speak to a number of different audiences and have found him to be inspirational to a wide range of people – from staff to business owners to entrepreneurs. His attitude is so inspiring and he refuses to let anything get in his way – determined to achieve his goals, despite the many barriers put in his way.

His exploits are amazing and he delivers his stories in a very amusing and natural way – you can’t help but like him and be amazed at what he has achieved. And he is very real, open and honest about his adventures and the setbacks along the way. He tailored talks to meet our objectives, seamlessly absorbing our messages into his stories and providing inspiration and motivation to change, to develop and to grow. There was no fuss – he simply told the stories of his adventures in a way that made them accessible and achievable and inspired the audience to focus and deliver. Brilliant!

Corporate Communications Manager, Ordnance Survey

Please tell Alastair – THANK YOU!

Showing a group of bankers how to really live life. Personally and professionally I think you impacted everyone here – at least opened eyes as to what life has to offer beyond the office. Thank you also for tying in so well to our theme of thoughtful risk taking as well – and for doubling up across the street at the Ritz. We have had several requests for more information and people sad we did not hold you through lunch so they could meet you. Good luck on your next adventure!

A Major International Credit Card Company

A fantastic end to our Annual Conference, Ed Stafford provided a gripping account of his adventures and of the challenges he overcame. Providing insight into overcoming adversity, his speech resonated with the audience and was very well received.


'Neil's talk was exceptionally well tailored to inspire our pupils. Not only did it put into context the skills that we have been focusing on but he was also incredibly inspirational. I wish Neil the best of luck in his next adventures and look forward to welcoming him back to talk about them. Many thanks for your help too.'

Wellington College

Geoff - a huge thank you for your after dinner speech on Friday night. Your speech was perfect, moving, inspirational and humorous - many congratulations.


Please do pass on our enormous thanks to Dee following yesterday’s conference. Her presentation was motivational, relevant and spell binding which, along with her natural and comfortable manner, made her a huge success with everyone!

Having quickly looked at the evaluation forms completed yesterday – there are words and phrases like; Wow!, Inspiring, entertaining, advocate for collaboration, highlight of the day, Inspirational and very interesting.

Event Organiser

James Brickell gave an exceptional talk at our annual Galapagos Day event at the Royal Geographical Society for our 350 guests. His fascinating stories of the perils of underwater filming and his stunning footage captivated our audience, and many wished he could have spoken for longer - his enthusiasm was infectious! Our attendees rated his talk very highly, with one audience member even commented that James should spend more time in front of the camera! James was an absolute pleasure to work with and we would definitely recommend him as a speaker.

Galapagos Conservation Trust

Dee was great and our guests thoroughly enjoyed her motivational speech. Dee was very down to earth - a great speaker!

Allianz Insurance

It was an excellent day and Geoff’s presentation was most definitely a highlight. I looked around the room when he was presenting and there wasn’t one person who wasn’t transfixed and I know from speaking to delegates afterwards that many were not only holding back their emotions but incredibly inspired by his journey in life . It certainly helped us all to put so many things into perspective.

I’ve seen Geoff present twice now and would never tire of hearing from him. So humble, yet humorous and so ordinary but incredible.


Rachel Smith is a gifted, inspirational speaker who effortlessly captures the interest and full engagement of her audience, irrespective of age. She conveys the awe and wonder of her accomplishments, alongside great determination, resilience and optimism. All of us were moved to tears as she immersed us in her story and we all stepped of the boat with her, as she sailed in to Antigua! Put simply, Rachel captivates and enthuses her audience, filling everyone with the utmost belief that they too have the capacity ‘to row their own ocean’ and realise their dreams and ambitions in life!

Woodlands Primary School

'Alastair spoke to a group of very senior Marketing VPs and CMOs at a Google event. He did a wonderful job of engaging and inspiring the audience with them hanging on his every word. He was equally comfortable presenting to his amazing photographs or handling a range of questions. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for a corporate audience.'


Sean Conway's talk kept the audience enthralled from start to finish. His down to earth manner and can do attitude were truly inspiring and he left many in the audience thinking about how to challenge themselves and achieve something that they didn't think they were capable of.

Youth Philanthropy Initiative

Andy Pag’s after-dinner speech struck the right balance between entertainment and information and it was very well received. He’s a very pleasant and very knowledgeable person: we really enjoyed meeting him.

Hart Energy

Geoff Holt MBE - 'An incredible presentation at our event. His story is truly inspirational and really caught the imagination of the whole room. His drive, spirit and determination, delivered in a very factual way, had the whole audience mesmerised for the whole session. The talk fitted in very well with the context of the day and please let Geoff know that the feedback was fantastic.'

M&S Money

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